What You Need To Know Before Installing A Skylight?

Skylights are popular for creating a luxurious impression in a home, infusing natural light into your home. A skylight is an excellent addition for some reasons, but before you install them, there are a few things you ought to consider so you don’t have any regrets.

The Placement Of Your Skylight Controls The Light

The shape of your skylight affects where and how the light travels. For this reason, you should put more thought into how you want your skylight to be shaped. An evenly spread lighting would require a skylight that flares out rather than one that faces right down. Skylights that have straight sides are great when you prefer to have focused light that comes into the room in a straight line.

Avoid Skylight Glare

To avoid that sunlight glare that makes the room too bright and uncomfortably hot, be careful where you install your skylight in your room. One way to contain the effect is to add a shade or filter to the skylight.

Choose Materials That Eliminate Heat Gain

More light could mean more heat for some homeowners, but that does not necessarily have to be the case with your newly installed skylight. Choose a skylight constructed from double-insulated glass tempered with low-E coatings to avoid heat gain. 

These coatings are made to reduce how much ultraviolet light that travels through glass without reducing the transmission of visible light.

Consider Your Skylight Options

Install a skylight that can vent to keep your home cool while still enjoying the natural light that floods through your skylight. Vented skylights allow fresh air into your home and circulate heat outside your home.

Another excellent option you can install is an automatic skylight. This is more expensive but if you have a wide budget, go for it. Automatic skylights can detect temperature and moisture; they open the skylight when the room becomes too hot and close it when it detects rain. They also come with customizable remotes.

Knowing that your roof must be in good condition to support skylights is important. Before you purchase, ensure that your roof has no structural damage.

Installation Can Last Longer Than A Day

Depending on the complexity of the skylight material, its shape, and its placement, installation can take anywhere between half a day and three days.

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