About Precision Roofing

About Precision Roofing

The Best Team in the Roofing Business

As one of the premier roofing contractors in the New York Tri-State area, at Precision Roofing Inc., we recognize how important it is to have a corporate culture that’s committed to providing the best roofing services possible. We ensure that our Corporate Team will provide you with expertise and professionalism from your initial phone to the completion of your roofing project. It is our goal to have satisfied customers and to create long-term relationships. An overview of our core team is as follows:


As the company’s President and Owner, Nick Dematteo plays a critical role in planning and overseeing all of the commercial and residential work. Nick brings almost three decades of continuous roofing experience to the table, so he has the hands-on expertise that complicated jobs require. His long history working with various roof owners has allowed him to lead the business firmly and effectively forward as Precision Roofing Inc. ensures maintenance of current business standards for all new materials, technologies, and construction methods within the industry.

In addition to acting as a beacon and helping the crews work through tough jobs successfully, Nick is committed to the positive direction the firm has taken throughout the years. By pursuing accreditation and driving the business towards continual improvement, Nick has spearheaded the company-wide quest for the many professional memberships and industry awards earned over time.

Contrary to popular company owner culture, Nick is always accessible to customers. His personal knowledge, expertise, and keen understanding of the various roofing methods have assisted countless property owners with the process of choosing a building plan. Nick is involved with every job, and through every step of the process, regardless of size – from inspection to proposals, contracts, and of course, the installation and completion. As an owner/operator, Nick prides himself, his business, and his employees on having professionalism and expertise every step of the way.

Specialty Areas:

  • Hands-on installation & oversight
  • Build planning & budgeting
  • Repairs & troubleshooting
  • Energy-efficient solar & metal roofing


Kathleen has been an employee of Precision Roofing for more than fifteen years, acting in the capacity of Vice President for Precision Roofing. Kathleen’s scope spans from the front end to back end office needs. Kathleen is responsible for providing support in the financial and accounting business needs to HR requirements, including Health Insurance, 401K plans, workman’s compensation filing and review of proposals, and interface with customers and clients. As Vice President, Kathleen is required to be flexible in supporting and assembling all aspects of the business.


Mark specializes in generating options, pricing, and bidding, handling all of his duties with a commitment to accuracy related to the specs and plans. His intimate knowledge of the various factors and parameters that go into a roofing estimate, has been of benefit to many property owners and facility managers over the years. Mark has worked with consumers from diverse backgrounds and set up jobs that best suit their budget requirements.

How did Mark get to where he is today? His wealth of understanding is the result of 35 years of roofing and construction experience. Mark’s experience in high-level roofing projects first-hand, has allowed him to curate the skills he currently employs to see other jobs through. Today, Mark remains extremely well-versed in material choices, bid pricing, architectural plan review and specifications, and project planning, making him a critical team member.

Specialty Areas:

  • Material sourcing & project planning
  • Pre-installation consultations & job feasibility assessments
  • Commercial project pricing, scheduling, & safety compliance


Tom has been with Precision Roofing Inc. since its inception. With more than a quarter-century’s worth of roofing experience, Tom is the ideal Sales Manager for the firm. His valuable ability to set up jobs that test the skills of the company employees and drive everyone to improve the way they operate has played a vital role in the company’s growth and efficiency. The company has received multiple feedbacks from clients informing that they were completely thrilled to take advantage of Tom’s expertise.

Tom strives to apply his first-hand comprehension of how different roofing systems work and what they cost to the many unique requirements of local property owners. He’s been training through practice for decades, and he applies this knowledge toward helping people get the best roof possible.

Because he’s been on the team for so long, Tom is intimately familiar with the signature methodologies and pursuit of excellence that drive the company’s success. He’s well-versed in the different aspects of energy-efficient roofing systems as well as warranties and the other guarantees Precision Roofing Inc. offers, ensuring that he’s able to plan jobs that satisfy customers completely. You can rest assured that when your roofing estimate comes from Tom or any of his team members, it’s accurate and the best roofing system for your home or facility.


Regina is a key employee with Precision Roofing Inc. serving as the Office Manager. Regina provides front-end communication with all customers, vendors, and suppliers and is the initial point of contact for all incoming calls. With Regina, rest assured that you will be greeted with a professional and knowledgeable conversation from the onset. As the Office Manager, Regina is responsible for roofing proposals and all required supporting documents for each and every job. All project files are organized, assembled, and submitted through Regina as well as scheduling for inspections, deliveries, and requested paperwork. She provides a solid reflection of Precision Roofing’s client-focused business profile, from the initial phone call to the completion of all roofing projects.


Charlie has been in the roofing business for 35 years, is a well-respected superintendent, and is a valuable member of the team. His wealth of direct experience gives him the ability to interact in person with customers.

Charlie has completed several training certificates in all types of roofing projects. He’s also comfortable with advanced techniques and materials. His thorough understanding of the roofing business allows him to complete highly technical jobs with the precision the firm is known for in the industry. Charlie has worked on a number of residential and commercial installations over the years, and he’s always ready for the next challenge.

Specialty Areas:

  • Shingle, metal, and flat roof repairs and installations
  • Project Financing
  • Roof repairs & emergency buildouts
  • Building envelope assessments & troubleshooting


As our Account Manager, Janet is focused on the efficiency of our daily billing and payable department; and is a solid reflection of our business profile. Ensuring that the billing department provides accurate and timely financial paperwork is critical to the professionalism and success of our organization. Janet has been an invaluable employee of Precision Roofing for several years. She recognizes the importance of organization and maintains all proposals and contract files, as well as the invoicing and payments to vendors. Janet handles several areas of payroll, Insurance Certificates, Vendor Purchase summaries, billing, invoicing, quarterly tax payments, and business financial summary reports. Janet will always provide our customers and vendors with professional communication as well as timely submission of all required and requested billing information.

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