What To Do With Damaged Roof Shingles?

If you recently experienced bad weather or your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, you might notice that some shingles from your roof are either gone or need repair. 

It is usual for your roof to show wear and tear as it ages. Once you notice this, and after every storm, contact your local professional roofer to examine your roof and give them professional advice.

Why Your Shingles Matter?

Your shingle repair should not be postponed because they protect the wooden structure of your roof from water which has the potential to cause it to deteriorate faster. Neglecting your roof when it needs repair would let water seep into your roof every time there is rain. If this isn’t addressed on time, your roof will develop severe water damage and even structural damage.

Below are tips for what to do when you notice damaged roof shingles.

Schedule A Roof Inspection

Inspecting your roof is the best first step when you suspect your roof might have sustained some damage or has missing roof shingles. A roofer can locate the precise spot of any roofing problem areas and provide you with professional feedback that may cover more than the missing or damaged shingles you can see just standing on your lawn.

Once your roof has been inspected, your roofing contractor will review its findings and present the available solutions. The roofing inspection will not just confirm the damage to your roof or the missing shingles but also reveal other areas of your roof that might be facing other roofing problems or might soon be. Due to early detection, they can be addressed before they become worse.

Schedule Roof Shingle Repair

When your roof inspections have been completed, if it confirms your roof shingles are damaged or missing, your roofing contractor will educate you on the options you can choose from.

If your shingles are missing or torn, you might need to replace them. But a repair would suffice if they are only moderately torn or curled.

Sometimes, a roof will be damaged more severely than the top layer of roofing shingles. If the wood roof decking is damaged, it must be repaired. However, it would need more equipment or supplies.

Damaged shingles are a serious matter, and they need immediate attention.

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