Cedar Chimney Remediation near Tuxedo Park, NY by Pete L. (Check-in #4183)

  • February 9, 2023
  • 41.2335214, -74.2062619
  • Tuxedo Park, NY 10987

Job Description:

Pete and the crew helped diagnose and remediate an active leak caused by improper chimney flashing and deteriorated cedar siding. By removing the damaged wood siding and surrounding shingles, the crew was above to properly frame and sheath a wood casing, install proper aluminum step and counterflashing, and install new shingles, Exterior Portfolio Board and Batten siding, and proper EPDM waterproofing. GAF WeatherWatch leak barrier was used to keep the roof deck and vertical siding water tight. GAF Timberline HDZ Hunter Green shingles were installed to match the existing. Royal Exterior Portfolio Espresso colored Board and Batten siding made up the exterior walls. New .032 aluminum edging was installed and stripped in with brand new Firestone EPDM rubber single-ply membrane and flashing accessories. Trust Pete and the team to keep you and your home watertight!

Job Type:

Cedar Chimney Remediation

Tech Name:

Pete L.

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