One of the most common questions homeowners ask about their roof installation or replacement is, “How long will it take.” Answering that question is not as straightforward as many people think, as it depends on many factors. In general, the time needed to replace a roof might range anywhere from one day to five days, depending on the following:

The Complexity Of Your Roof

This refers to how your roof is cut up; we’re looking at the number of facets, angles, valleys, and pitches. Keep in mind that these bits don’t only determine the timeline for completion but also the cost of your roof replacement. A roof with different angles and facets is more difficult and will take longer to replace than a simple roof with just 2 or 4 facets.


This refers to the ease with which your roofing contractor accesses your roof. Any access is pivotal to your roof replacement project because when the roofing crew removes the old roof, they’d need to get the torn-off material into the dump truck and get the materials back up for the new installation with little to no hindrance, preferably.

Here are a few things that make access to your roof difficult:

  • Bushes around your house
  • A fence
  • No paved surface near the roof access point

The Weather On The Day Of Your Roof Replacement

A roof replacement has to be done under the right weather conditions. If you’re experiencing constant rain in your area, your roof replacement might be delayed. Also, if your roof is replaced when it’s too hot, it will not be installed appropriately. This is why the roofing contractor would prefer to stretch out the replacement process to avoid improper installation due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Roofing Material

The timeframe of a roof replacement can also be influenced by the type of roof you want to change.

  • Asphalt Shingles: Can be completely installed in 1 to 2 days.
  • Metal: Can be completely installed in 2 to 5 days.
  • Concrete tile: Can be completely installed in 5 to 14 days.

So when planning a reroofing project, consider the above and understand that whatever you decide will have an implication on the timeframe of completion by the roofing contractor. Also, remember that a quick roof replacement isn’t always the best, and the quality will most likely be compromised when speed is prioritized over quality. Your roofing contractor should endeavor to get the job on time while maintaining the expected quality.

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